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Fitness or Fatness? Which effects blood pressure more?

fitfatThose with a healthy body weight are more likely to have a lower blood pressure than those who exercise often. A new study analyzed 35,061 patients between 1990 and 2010. The study tested the importance of cardio respiratory fitness and Body Mass Index on systolic blood pressure.
In the study Body Mass Index was used as a continuous variable. The cardio respiratory fitness was decided by maximal exercise testing which was then put into age and gender categories. The group was made up of 69% men with age average of 46 years. Body Mass Index was responsible for 11 percent of the variance, while exercise was only explained 1 percent of any changes in the systolic blood pressure.
Overall the study found that obesity is essential in foretelling a person’s Systolic Blood Pressure. Weight loss is the best way to keep a normal blood pressure, but after maintaining a healthy weight exercise may also be beneficial.

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