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6 Ways to Beat a Cold or Flu

There are other ways to ward off a cold besides than plenty of hearty soup and rest. Cold FX and decongestants will only go so far, so try some of these weird ways to beat a cold this winter and get out of your regular “at-home-sick” routine.

1. One at a time… – When blowing your nose, try not to blow your whole nose at once. This could spread mucus up into your sinuses which will extend infection. Instead, blow one nostril at a time or use decongestant nasal sprays.
2. Visit a Sauna – When you are sick its a good idea to drink lots of hot liquids, but as a relaxing alternative, the moist hot air in a sauna will help your body to detoxify itself as well.
3. Vitamin C – Stock up on foods high in vitamin C which are said to reduce the length and intensity of cold symptoms. Foods high in Vitamin C are citrus fruit, red bell peppers, broccoli, strawberry, and spring greens. Some foods that boost your immune system are yogurt, garlic, green tea, and pumpkin
4. Go for a walk – going for a brisk walk every day will help boost your immunity and keep a cold under control. When sick, avoid vigorous exercise like running because you may stress your body out and possibly lower your immunity.
5. Kiss and have sex! – Kissing can actually help you fight off colds. You are enhancing your immune system and boosting your bodies natural defenses when you exchange bacteria back and forth. That’s not all – it’s been shown that having sex at least once a week can increase immunoglobulin production – this is an immune-boosting protein that helps keep pathogens at bay.
6. Hot drinks – viruses (like H1N1) can take a few days to incubate in the body before you start to notice the symptoms. Hot liquids (like coffee and tea) can help flush the virus out of your mouth and into your stomach where it can’t grow due to stomach acid. Chicken soup and hot water have the same effect. You can also gargle warm salt water for a quick virus killer. Viruses like to incubate in your nose too – do a nasal flush or swab your nostrils with rubbing alcohol can kill the virus before it gets to you!
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