Prevent cold and flu with Cold-fX

December 7, 2005 | by DoctorSolve

COLD-fX is a patented highly purified natural product obtained from roots of North American ginseng. Each capsule contains 200 mg of dried extract, CVT-E002, which has been shown in laboratory and clinical studies to strengthen our immune system and has demonstrated efficacy and safety in the prevention and relief of cold and flu infections. COLD-fX can be used both for the prevention as well as relief of cold and flu infections.
Cold-fX is comprised of complex carbohydrates that are able to induce unique biochemical effects to enhance the immune system. Unlike most ginseng products currently on the market, COLD-fX is comprised of a purified extract derived from North American ginseng, not Asian ginseng. North American ginseng is composed of immune-enhancing molecules. North American ginseng does not help augment vitality, mental alertness, and mood improvements.
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