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Tamiflu attacks the influenza virus and stops it from spreading inside your body. Rather than simply masking the symptoms, Tamiflu treats flu at its source. Treatment of the flu virus and prescription of any antiviral medications like Tamiflu needs to happen within 48 hours of the first symptoms.

How can Tamiflu help protect you and your loved ones?

If the flu shot isn’t an option, or you’re simply waiting for the shot to take effect, you can still protect your family and yourself from getting the flu. A prescription written for an antiviral medication such as Tamiflu by your doctor may help:

  • prevent widespread influenza outbreaks in shared living facilities, such as nursing homes and college dormitories.
  • provide protection during the period of time needed for the flu shot to take effect.
  • protect individuals who are unable to receive flu vaccinations. (If you are pregnant or allergic to eggs, ask your doctor about whether or not you should get a flu shot.)

Helpful tips to beat the flu.

  • Rest.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Temporary relief ( ie. pain relievers – such as acetaminophen).

Are antibiotics a cure for the flu?

No. Antibiotics are only useful in the treatment of bacterial infections. The flu is a viral infection. Tamiflu and other antivirals are the only prescribed medications that can treat the flu.
Side effects of Tamiflu. Although generally well tolerated, Tamiflu may cause mild-to-moderate nausea or vomiting. Some less common side effects include bronchitis, vertigo and sleeplessness.
If symptoms persist or become worse consult your physician.

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