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The common stereotypes associated with mental illness are that your problems are caused by your intelligence or your personality. If you want to start feeling better, you can. This is not true. Overcoming mental illness is not like going on a diet. It takes more than will power. If you suffer from mental illness your brain, quite simply put, doesn’t function properly. Without treatment, you won’t get better.
Seroquel is a prescription drug that can be effective in the treatment of:

  • Mania in bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Order Seroquel now
Mania may be caused by chemicals in your brain being out of balance. Doctors are not sure what causes these imbalances and although the exact mechanism of SEROQUEL is unknown, experts believe that the drug regulates the chemicals in your brain.
Seroquel does not eliminate the chemical imbalances, it can help control your symptoms and help you feel better. You may start feeling better, but it is important to continue taking your regular dose of Seroquel until your doctor instructs you to stop, no matter how good you feel.
Side Effects
No matter how well tolerated a medication is, some side effects can occur. In certain cases, some users experience an increase in blood sugar. If you suffer from diabetes, talk to your doctor (and check your blood sugar) before taking Seroquel.
Common side effects of increased blood sugar include excessive thirst, increased urination, overeating, and weakness. Do not ignore any of these side effects. Complications from increased blood sugar can be life-threatening.
Note: Some users of Seroquel may develop neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), which is best described as severe muscle rigidity.

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