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June 19, 2024 | by DoctorSolve

For more than two years, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News has investigated and exposed how you can save thousands of dollars by buying prescription drugs in Canada. Now, KIRO 7 will reveal even bigger savings never reported before. 

The latest craze is to make your purchase online and have your prescription drugs shipped to you. But beware — we’ve put these online pharmacies to the test and made some surprising discoveries. 

Here’s one example. Ray and Jane Carbaugh pay a fortune for their prescription drugs for a host of ailments — $1,100 each month. The SeaTac couple says after watching KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, they found a way to save at least a third of the cost. They ordered some prescriptions from RealFast Drugstore in Canada. But we discovered that there are even better deals than at 

KIRO 7 tested ten Canadian online pharmacies, including,, and We also checked ten prescription drugs, like Daypro and Celbrex for arthritis, Tamoxifen to treat breast cancer, and Lipitor for high cholesterol. 

We plugged all the prices into a computer and compared them against each other, and against the American online prescription company, The price differences were astounding. 
A three-month supply of Tamoxifen on the U.S Web site is $287. The price at the cheapest Canadian Web site is just $29 (U.S. funds.) That’s an 81 percent savings. 

Accutane to treat acne costs $789 from the U.S. Web site, but is just $231 in Canada, a 71 percent saving. 

But the big surprise in our investigation was the huge price differences we discovered among the Canadian online pharmacies. 

For Tamoxifen, we found prices ranging from $29 to $125. A three-month supply of Glucophage for diabetes ranged from $38 to $118. 

When we tabulated the results, we found that has the best deals. All the prescription drugs we checked at totaled $1,100. The most expensive was, at nearly twice that cost. 

If the Carbaughs from SeaTac ordered from for an entire year, they could save an extra $800b. 

Our investigation of Canadian Web sites also revealed also is the easiest to use. So, we paid them a visit to see who’s behind the company. 

It’s a Canadian clinic, just north of the border in White Rock, British Columbia. Dr. Paul Zickler, along with another Canadian doctor, founded it two years ago to help Americans in the Northwest find cheaper prescriptions. And now that has gone online, business is booming. 

We did find something else unusual in our test. is an American-based company that uses Canadian doctors and pharmacies to fill its orders, which might explain why some of its prices are so high.

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