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8 Ways to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis plagues 1 in 6 Canadians. This dehabilitating disease causes joint pain and inflammation. Fortunately there are certain things you can do to prevent yourself from getting arthritis or stopping arthritis from spreading or worsening.

  • Avoid joint stress – Avoid tasks that add pressure to your joints. For example, lifting groceries puts strain on your joints. These types of strenuous activities can worsen your arthritis.
  • Watch your weight – Try to obtain and maintain a low weight. The heavier you are the more stress is on your joints and muscles from carrying that weight.
  • Vitamin  C – Research has proven that vitamin C can help reduce the danger of arthritis. Oranges are a terrific source of vitamin C.
  • Know your stuff – Research arthritis and learn more about how you can reduce the risk of getting arthritis.
  • Keep a positive outlook – Research has proven that optimistic people are generally healthier. Laugh a lot and don’t take yourself too seriously. Always look on the bright side of things.
  • Choose good shoes – Buy expensive and supportive shoes. Keep good posture when sitting and standing. This will take some of the pressure and tension off your joints. Also try to buy a firm mattress and avoid sleeping and relaxing on surfaces that are too soft.
  • Clothe properly – If the weather is cold wear warm clothing to keep your joint defend your joints. Try long underwear and thick gloves.
  • Drink water – Water is necessary in joint lubrication, so drink up and avoid arthritis.
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