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iPhone Promoting Health And Fitness?

The latest trend to hit the United States has been the amazingly popular iPhone. The iPhone has been extremely successful probably due to a few factors that include: it’s shiny, it’s new, your neighbor has one so you want one too, or you love spending way too much money on something you may not need. Either way Apple has a killer marketing team. However, the one upside about the iPhone is the fact that health and fitness applications (apps) have been very popular and are downloaded quite frequently.
Among the top downloaded health and fitness apps are calorie trackers, and aids for working out, even a pedometer. I personally think these applications are a brilliant idea, from both the making money stand point and the “Hey, lets try and help some of our customers” stand point. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked.
From the business part, creating apps that focus on health and fitness is an amazingly brilliant idea. Most of the nation, even the world is so worried about being fit or at least attempting to get fit. This drive to get in shape will continue to drive the Apple revenue up. However, because a lot of Apple products aren’t designed to get one’s body moving and exercising, maybe someone decided to put in an app that helps both the company and the customer. Even though I believe it is more to do with the cash flow, health and fitness applications are the best apps that have been developed for the iPhone to date. Well, that’s just my “humble” opinion at least.
Top 10 Paid Health & Fitness Apps
2.Tap & Track -Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker
3.iPeriod (Period Calendar)
4.Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG.COM
5.Men’s Health Workouts
6.White Noise
7.iTreadmill: Ultra Pedometer w/ PocketStep™
8.Couch to 5k
9.Hundred PushUps
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