How to Stop Embarrassing Body Problems

August 23, 2010 | by DoctorSolve

It happens at the worst time possible; sweating, stomach growls, bladder problems, and other body problems can be terribly embarrassing. Thankfully there are ways you can reduce and prevent these badly timed body issues.

  • Body leak – Small leaks when you laugh, cough or exercise are very common, especially in women who have given birth. There are conditions that may be causing your bladder leaks so the first step would be to go see a doctor. There are exercises that can help you to gain control of your bladder. One of these is to stop the urine flow every time you go to the bathroom. Instead of just letting your bladder go try to start-stop and control it. Practicing this will help you to have control in sticky situations. Deposable panty liners can help if the problem is unstoppable. Instead of using pads meant for menstruation, look for an incontinence section, as those products are more effective.
  • Burps, hiccups, and growly stomachs – Burping and growling are due to the consumption of gassy foods. Hiccupping is caused by an irritation to the diaphragm which can increase when you eat gassy foods. Burping and hiccupping can increase due to anxiety. When you are nervous or anxious, you tend to swallow excessive amounts of air and this is what causes stomach problems. Cut down on gassy foods like cruciferous veggies and fried foods. For those with lactose intolerance, you should also cut down on dairy products. Drinking lots of water and limiting alcohol also helps.
  • Excess sweating – Sweating can be a medical condition but normally is just attributed to stress. Stress hormones cause an increase in sweat. Try an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant and try to prepare for stressful situations ahead of time. Limit caffeine intake, chocolate, and spicy foods. These types of foods increase your heart rate and breathing and can increase sweating. Keeping a glass of cold water handy is also a good trick. Holding it on your wrists can help stop sweating.
  • Yawning – You hate to look uninterested, but mid-conversation you have a burst of yawns. There are two causes of yawning: a lack of sleep, or anxiety. If you are anxious and breathe shallowly you can stimulate yawning. Sucking on hard candy can help, because as it melts you swallow the liquid and it’s impossible to swallow and yawn at the same time. If you have a cottonmouth the candy will help keep the saliva flowing. Avoid chewing gum in this situation as It causes you to swallow more air and can lead to more yawning and belching. Sipping water slowly can also help with yawning problems
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