5 Things That Your Pharmacist Wants You to Know

February 2, 2017 | by DoctorSolve

When filling prescriptions, a pharmacist has a responsibility to you to ensure a safe experience. For instance, it is the pharmacist’s duty to ensure that a patient is receiving the correct prescription medication and double check with the doctor if the dosage is unclear. As a patient, it is prudent to be aware of your safety. Here are five things pharmacists want their patients to know:


a pharmacist

  1. Pharmacists are under a lot of pressure

Due to pharmacies filling numerous prescriptions at the same time, pharmacists are required to do their work very quickly and efficiently. At any given time, a pharmacist may have over 10 prescriptions in process. It is always a wise idea to check your label to ensure that your prescription is the correct one and that you are getting the right dosage.


  1. Be patient when your prescription is being filled

We all have limited time in our day and sometimes patients cannot wait for long periods when stopping at a pharmacy. Pharmacists need to be very thorough at their job and it is vital that they get them done correctly, so a waiting period should be met with some tolerance.


  1. Mornings are the best time to get prescriptions filled

Mornings tend to be less hectic than lunchtime and after-work times. In the mornings, pharmacist usually have more time to assist you in understanding the proper use of your prescription.


  1. Inform yourself about all your medication options

Many patients face the choice of either purchasing a brand name or generic medication. Brand name and generic drugs share the same active ingredients, meaning that they have the same effect on your body. Regardless of its availability at your local pharmacy, it is best to inquire about the specific comparisons between the brand name and generic drug options.


  1. Do not wait until you completely run out of medication for a refill

It is important to remember that refilling prescriptions is not instant and you should allow at least 48 hour notice when you leave a prescription for fill-up.

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