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Canadian doctors at DoctorSolve share flu vaccine with U.S. patients

Americans, confident in the vaccine’s safety, stream from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, for flu shots
(SEATTLE – October 26, 2004,/PRNewswire/) – “Being a good neighbor” usually means giving Mrs. Jones an emergency cup of sugar, or watching the house when the family next door goes on vacation. For two Canadian doctors, however, being “neighborly” is more humanitarian: it means sharing 10,000 Canadian flu shots with Washington state and other U.S. residents put at risk by our vaccine shortage.
Dr. Paul Assad and Dr. Paul Zickler, founders of the International Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic ( and DoctorSolve Canadian Pharmacy ( ), are vaccinating about 200 Americans per day and soon expect that number to reach 1,500 per week.
“Patients are taking matters into their own hands and coming to Canada for their flu shots, especially those with chronic diseases, immunosuppression or family members of an ill person,” says Assad. “They are not waiting for the U.S. government to take action.”
Both doctors believe that the FDA will eventually approve the re-importation of the vaccine, but several reports indicate that it might not reach needy patients until January.
So to help their neighbors south of the border, the dynamic doctor duo now offers organized flu shot sessions between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Also, they have eliminated administration fees and only charge $20 USD for the flu shot – about half the cost of other Vancouver-area clinics.
According to Assad, American patients have no hesitations about receiving the Canadian vaccine.
“They know it’s safe because it’s what every other Canadian is getting – whether the FDA has officially approved it or not,” states Assad.
For many at-risk Americans, the inexpensive shots are a blessing.
“We are so appreciative that we can get our flu shots from this side of the border and that our Canadian neighbors are sharing their vaccines with us,” says patient J. Campbell of Seattle, Wash.
DoctorSolve is a Canadian Internet-based pharmacy intermediary (license #BC Q37) that offers lower-cost, long-term prescriptions. All prescriptions are filled by a professionally registered pharmacist. DoctorSolve is a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and ranked .com as one of the best (five-star) online pharmacies. DoctorSolve has filled more than 156,000 U.S. prescriptions.
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Dr. Paul Assad
Dr. Paul A. Zickler

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