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Affordable Care Act — Obamacare

The Controversial Health Care Reform Promised by Barack Obama Continues to Suffer Political Backlash Meaning Many Americans Still Live without Affordable Health Insurance. As Such, DoctorSolve and other Canadian Pharmacies Remain a Popular Alternative for Safe and Affordable drugs.

Expensive Cost of Prescription Medication

“millions of Americans
live without reasonable access
to health care or insurance”

VANCOUVER, BC March 31, 2011

– Despite a campaign promise to bring affordable health care to some 50 million Americans before the end of 2014, Barack Obama and his Democrats continue to face resistance not only from political foes but from American citizens alike. Indeed, recent polls suggest as many as two-thirds of Americans are against health care reform and the Republican Party has pledged to repeal Obama’s health care bill. Not to mention the fact that the Supreme Court may strike down the core provision of the law – that every American carry health insurance – as unconstitutional, it is easy to see why many uninsured still turn to Canadian online pharmacies such as DoctorSolve for a safe and affordable alternative to costly prescription bills.
To understand the American opposition to health care reform, one need not look further than the base nature of the culture. Government mandates such as requiring citizens to acquire health insurance have never been particularly popular. Much political resistance stems from the perceived notion that ObamaCare represents an invasion of individual liberty. As a result, many of the more popular provisions of this health care reform have been overlooked. For example, under Obama’s health care bill, insurance companies are prohibited from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Nevertheless, the ideological debates of this sort of reform have obscured the merits of health care reform.

To this end, individuals need to consider the facts.

First of all, contrary to popular belief, US health care spending often eclipses that of nations with universal health care. In fact, in 2009 the US spent 17.6 per cent of gross domestic product on health care compared to 11.9 per cent in Canada. Furthermore, millions of Americans live without reasonable access to health care or insurance. Consequently, Canadian online pharmacies continue to experience a growing market thanks to the steady increase in American customers.
Without question, reputable Canadian pharmacies have garnered much attention in the past few years. Online sources such as Doctorsolve.com are able to provide customers with access to prescriptions at discounts of up to 80%. Because the Canadian government regulates health care and prescription costs, pharmaceuticals identical to those found at American pharmacies are usually considerably cheaper. So while many US citizens living on the smallest budgets had sought refuge under ObamaCare, political resistance means these individuals are likely to continue shopping north of the border.

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