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Top 8 Countries for Down Syndrome

Is Down’s syndrome inherited?

A typical child has 23 chromosomes from each parent; a child with Down syndrome has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. Something as simple as 3 copies of the same chromosome may result in physical and mental differences.
Where is Down syndrome most commonly found? In 2009 the top 8 countries for children with Down syndrome were as follows:

  1. The United States of America – Approximately 367,069 people in the USA suffer from Down syndrome. The USA tops all other countries with 713 deaths from Down syndrome alone.
  2. Brazil – 230,126 people have been diagnosed with Down syndrome in Brazil. Although the deaths from Down syndrome are much less in Brazil than in the USA, there were 483 deaths reported.
  3. Mexico – Mexico was next, with 131,199 people diagnosed with Down syndrome and 429 deaths.
  4. Germany – Fourth in line is Germany with 103,030 people diagnosed with Down syndrome. There have been 212 deaths accounted for.
  5. Venezuela – Only 31,271 people have been diagnosed.
  6. South Africa – 55,560 people have been diagnosed with Down syndrome.
  7. Argentina – Despite that the population statistics on Down syndrome in Argentina are unknown, there have been 106 deaths due to the illness.
  8. Canada – Canada has 40,634 people reported with Down syndrome and 91 deaths accounted for.

According to the recent statistics,  down syndrome cases are rapidly rising in various countries including the USA.

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