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"Dead By Mistake"

cal errors have causing an alarming amount of preventable deaths in the United States.-

An estimate 200,000 Americans will die in 2009 due to preventable medical errors and hospital infections. So you have to ask yourself, do you feel safe? I am not so sure anymore. I the fact that yes, we are all human and we do make some mistakes. However, 200,000 preventable deaths in 2009 alone is unacceptable. I cannot comprehend how after 10+ years of post-secondary schooling that many people are killed due to a mistake. No longer should it be consider “Dead By Mistake,” instead maybe is should be more appropriately name “Sorry I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to cut the red or blue one,” or what about “Maybe I should’ve been paying more attention,” or how about “Oops!”

Someone needs to address this current statistic. There should not be this many accidental deaths in a modernized country such as ours. It is simply not good enough. Some new set of rules need to be put in place. Maybe an investigation team that determine how great a mistake was made. Maybe place cameras in the operating room so if someone does die by mistake the tape can be reviewed and higher powers can punish the doctor that was responsible appropriately.

Whatever is suggested, something does need to be done. I don’t feel safe anymore, I don’t have faith in doctors, who are supposed to be some of the most educated people in the country. Something needs to be done, something needs to be changed.

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