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7 Ways to Solve Minor Insomnia

Approximately one in eight people suffer from minor insomnia. Nothing ruins a day like tossing a turning the night before. Here are a few ways to alleviate your stress and get a better night’s sleep.

1. Drink warm milk or tea 15 minutes before going to bed – Milk is full of calcium, which will soothe your nerves and helps you to relax. If you cannot or prefer not to drink milk, warm herbal tea is a good compromise. It only has natural ingredients. You can find, in most health food stores, a special mix of tea to soothe your stress and help you sleep. If you do not have these resources, the best type of herb tea to alleviate your anxiety is chamomile, catnip, anise, or fennel tea.

2. Get a massage – Massages, even from an unprofessional, aid in lowering stress. Although a full body massage would be great, a short back rub or a face and scalp massage can even be a big help. Make the strokes slow, but firm to work out tension in your body.

3. Breathe deeply – Regular breathing does nothing to relax you. When you breathe deeply, using your chest, diaphragm, lower back, and ribcage, it is much more effective in relieving stress and relaxing muscles. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Also, try to make each exhale longer than each inhales.

4. Get physical exercise during the day – Insomnia is much more common for those who have jobs which don’t require physical activity. If you take simply 15 minutes for a brisk walk to an hour of an extraneous workout your body will get the activity and oxygen it needs to relax. Make sure to do this exercise long before retreating to bed so that your body has a chance to slow down.

5. Take a warm bath – to relax your body a medium length warm bath (not hot or your body is sapped of its vitality). It also helps to have baking soda and Epsom salts to ease you and release the toxins from your body

6. Put a hot water bottle on your stomach – A lot of tension is in your stomach so a helpful tip to release that tension for better sleep is to place a hot water bottle on your stomach in bed while trying to sleep. Breathing deeply also helps lighten your stress and lessen the chance for insomnia.

7. Don’t watch T.V. before bed – Both T.V, books, and other things such as homework, keep your mind stimulated. Avoid doing these for about an hour before bed, as overstimulation on your mind and stress both contribute to lack of sleep. Try to keep your mind relaxed and at ease for some time before attempting to sleep.

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