Glucosamine: An Essential Overview

April 11, 2007 | by DoctorSolve

With glucosamine, shellfish resources are not so selfish at all. The very unselfish purpose of glucosamine is to help treat osteoarthritis and function like a special painkiller. A derivative from shellfish, those who are allergic may want to steer clear of this. Still, it remains to be one of the viable forms of treating osteoarthritis, albeit not universally agreed upon to be so.
A highly researched chemical, glucosamine was tested in the chemist shelves of many a research institute since 1960 and tried on humans and animals before it actually became recognized as a form of good body supplement. Originally, glucosamine was produced in injectable form and handled only by laboratory researchers. But now more and more pharmacies are known to have it in their shelves.
To date, while there are claims to its therapeutic properties, it remains to be classified by the US Bureau of Food and Drug as a supplement, though other European countries have already elevated its status and reclassified it as a form of alternative medicine.
Glucosamine is a highly debated chemical. Much hype has been ascribed to its ability to take over other phased out drugs that are made to treat osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis has scarce amounts of treatment options, and to be able to find a maintenance drug that will really be able to treat it is nothing short of fabulous. Various experimentations remain unconcluded with regard to the real effect of glucosamine to the body, especially GAIT or its processed form.
Glucosamine is very adaptive in nature. In itself, it will not really make much of a difference. But if you synergize the main glucosamine ingredient with other chemicals such as glucosamine sulfate and HCl, you will find it to be a potent and effective drug. A typical dosage of glucosamine is around 1500 milligrams per day, and in a month, you will probably be spending about $30-50 to maintain that daily dosage. This is fairly expensive but worth it considering the fact that it is one of the few remaining options for those who suffer from osteoarthritis.
It is not just the synergy of glucosamine which affects its performance and quality. The medium from which it is taken also affects its effectivity. The liquid form of glucosamine is much more preffered than its pill or tablet form. For one thing, liquid is known for quicker absorption the moment the chemical hits the stomach area. Aside from this, liquid forms are known to be of higher quality because a huge percentage of the money used to process liquid glucosamine goes to the chemicals itself. Pill or tablet forms of glucosamine are just more expensive in the sense that it will require more processing than if it were presented and packaged in liquid form.
Glucosamine is known to have fewer side effects than a placebo pill, which adds to its appeals. However, more experts strongly advise for a thorough body checkup with a medical expert prior to taking it. While it is one in a few options available for victims of ortharthritis, it is still more apt to be able to make use of it only within the bounds of doctor prescription. Side effects to glucosamine only come in the cases of diabetics, who may be more inclined for insulin fluctuations due to the Hcl and glucosamine combination. Like many other drugs, it is not advised to be tried by pregnant or lactating women for security reasons. There have been no proofs on this yet, but it remains to be prohibited for security reasons.
Anyone who exceeds the normal dosage for glucosamine may be subjected to some digestive problems such as soft stool or diarrhea. Nausea is also a common side effect for excessive use. It is advised to monitor one’s dosage regularly to prevent these ill side effects from excessive intake of glucosamine.
Once you decide to purchase glucosamine, do not just get contented with the fact that you see it in the cover of the package. Check the percentage level (it should at least be 30%) and the other ingredients it was formed with. These really spell the vitality of glucosamine since it cannot really exist powerfully apart from other ingredients. A proper knowledge of this will really make your glucosamine work better than your average painkiller.
By Sam Morovyweight loss, creatine, hoodia, fish oil, and calcium.
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