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About DoctorSolve

Who is DoctorSolve™?

Established in 1999, DoctorSolve™ has successfully processed over 200,000 online prescriptions earning the trust of more than 200,000 patients. We have established this intermediary as a Reliable, friendly service that offers execution of the highest quality control possible, for both non-prescription and prescription medication requests. Whether you’re wondering where to buy pain medication, or how to get your prescription medication online, DoctorSolve™ provides access to the solutions you are looking for so you can feel safe and experience value!
DoctorSolve™ is a reliable, reputable Canadian pharmacy intermediary providing you access to online prescriptions fulfillment that saves you money and that you can trust.
All online prescriptions are reviewed by registered medical professionals to ensure your safety. DoctorSolve™ is a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and classified by PharmacyChecker.com as one of the best (five-star) and most trusted online prescription pharmacy intermediaries.

Dr Zickler of DoctorSolve:

DoctorSolve™ was founded by Dr. Paul Zickler, He is an 18 plus year emergency physician and founding member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Dr. Zickler  realized that one of his patients was cutting her prescription medication in half because she could not afford the cost of taking her full prescription. DoctorSolve™ understands that the cost of medications can be exorbitant at times, but DoctorSolve believes that patients should never be put in the position of having to choose medications over purchasing groceries, DoctorSolve™ was established with a mission to ensure that patients have access to the most affordable prescriptions they need.
DoctorSolve™ was one of the founding online companies providing access to affordable prescription medications for Americans. Not only do they make it easier for you to access affordable medication online but also to refill those prescriptions when you need them.
DoctorSolve™ understand that patients not only require information but reassurance and support. Their customer care specialists focus on providing unassuming, compassionate advice to ensure your experience is productive, easy and enjoyable.
The safety-service guarantee is a vital part of DoctorSolve’s company’s culture. Every member of their trained and professional staff is committed to ensuring that your health information is protected and that you have access to a trusted source of pure and safe medications.
Find out more about the DoctorSolve Safety Service guarantee here.

Doctor solve history - a reputable canadian pharmacy

“I was provided with options and the support that I needed to make choices and complete my order today thanks to Vivian! I work with a call center team and I hope to instill the same level of service that I received today, thanks so much!”

Philip Hector

“I have been a long-time patient ordering my medications from Canada, I have placed orders 64 times over the years and want to thank everyone at your company for your service, I am so happy and amazed on how much I have been saving financially and the difference it makes in my life. “


“Just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. I received my pills in a timely manner. I will continue using Dr.Solve. Thanks again!”

Richard Guhr

“I was having some issues with my order and Mandy was taking the time to figure out the situation and come up with a solution as well as being understanding and patient with me. Even though I was having issues with my order, the customer experience with Mandy was terrific!”

Connor Daley

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