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Vivelle DOT
(Estradiol 17b)

Formulation : Transdermal Patches

symbol_rx Prescription Required

Estradiol 17b
(Generic alternative to Vivelle DOT)

Formulation : Transdermal Patches

symbol_rx Prescription Required

What is Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b used for?

Vivelle DOT is a medication that helps treat some of the symptoms associated with menopause.

How should Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b be stored?

Keep at room temperature. Leave Vivelle DOT in their individual protective pouches until ready to use. This will protect them from moisture and heat damage.

General information

This medication should only be used by prescribed patient, do not give it to other people. The information provided is advisory only and does not contain all information pertaining to this medication. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider for question about this medication.

How should I take Vivelle DOT/Estradiol 17b ?

Remove the protective covering from the adhesive side of Vivelle DOT. Try to avoid touching the adhesive side, if at all possible. Place the patch on your skin immediately after removing the protective liner. Apply to a clean, dry area of your skin on the trunk of your body. Do not place a patch in the same area as a previous patch for at least one week.

When should Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b not be taken?

Avoid the use of Vivelle DOT if you: are pregnant; have unexplained vaginal bleeding; are known or suspected to have breast cancer; have any type of tumor stimulated by estrogen; phlebitis, blood clots in the lung, or any other clotting disorder; active or recent heart disease, heart attack, or stroke; liver disease or liver problems; or an allergy to any component of the patch.

What precautions should I follow when taking Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b ?

It is extremely important that you have regular mammograms and checkups while taking Vivelle Dot, as this medication has been linked with increased risk of breast, uterine, and endometrial cancer. Hormone replacement therapy using estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease, regardless of whether or not progestin is used. Studies have shown that there is an increased rate of heart attack, stroke, and dangerous blood clots in women taking estrogen or estrogen combinations for 5 years.

What special warning(s) should I be aware of when taking Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b ?

If you experience vision loss, any other eye problems or a migraine headache, discontinue usage of the patch and call your doctor immediately. Hormone therapy can occasionally cause a rise in blood pressure. If you happen to suffer from liver problems or liver disease you may not be eligible for hormone therapy. Hormone therapy often leads to fluid retention; if there is any health concern that may be affected by this, use the patch with caution. You will need to monitor your triglyceride levels, as estrogen may increase the levels of triglyceride in the body and may cause problems, especially in those that suffer from diabetes. Hormone therapy may lead to worsening of a condition known as endometriosis. Estrogen therapy may cause abnormal uterine bleeding or breast pain. Women taking oral estrogen after menopause are 2-4 times more likely to develop gallbladder disease. Elderly women using estrogen therapy may face an increased risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

When should Vivelle DOT /Estradiol 17b not be taken?

Serious side effects may include: allergic reaction; chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm of shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling; sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body; sudden headache, confusion, pr

Less severe side effects may include: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite; swollen breasts; acne or skin color changes; decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; migraine headaches or dizziness; swelling of your ankles or feet; depres

Other: None.

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