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(Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx)

Formulation : Powder

symbol_rx Non-prescription

No Generic Alternative Available

No generic alternative is available for this drug.

What is Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx used for?

Metamucil is used to treat occasional constipation or bowel irregularity, as well as to treat diarrhea and lower cholesterol . Metamucil works by absorbing moisture in the intestines to increase the ease of passing stools.

How should Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx be stored?

Metamucil powder should be stored in an area that is protected from heat and moisture.

General information

This medication should only be used by prescribed patient, do not give it to other people. The information provided is advisory only and does not contain all information pertaining to this medication. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider for question about this medication.

How should I take Metamucil/Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx ?

When taking Metamucil powder, ensure that you mix it with at least eight ounces of liquid. Drink mixture right away after you have prepared it. If you have any questions about taking Metamucil, refer to the packaging directions or contact your healthcare provider.

When should Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx not be taken?

If you are allergic to psyllium, do not take Metamucil. If you have trouble swallowing, have had a sudden change in bowel habits that lasts longer than two weeks, severe nausea, severe stomach pains, severe vomiting or if you have ever had a skin rash while taking psyllium, taking Metamucil s not recommended.

What precautions should I follow when taking Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx ?

If you have a colostomy or ileostomy; rectal bleeding; or a blockage in your intestines, talk to your doctor before taking Metamucil.

What special warning(s) should I be aware of when taking Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx ?

Avoid taking any other oral medications within two hours of taking Metamucil, as this medication makes it difficult for your body to absorb other medications.

When should Metamucil /Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid - non Rx not be taken?

Severe Side Effects: choking or trouble swallowing; severe stomach pain, cramping, nausea or vomiting; constipation that lasts longer than 7 days; rectal bleeding; or itchy skin rash.

Common Side Effects: bloating or minor changes in bowel habits.

Other: None.

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