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Aricept Evess

Formulation : Orally Disintegrating Tablet

symbol_rx Prescription Required

No Generic Alternative Available

No generic alternative is available for this drug.

What is Aricept Evess /Donepezil used for?

Aricept Evess is used in the treatment of dementia for people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

How should Aricept Evess /Donepezil be stored?

Keep Aricept Evess at room temperature and away from the influence of heat or moisture. Also, keep out of the reach of children.

General information

This medication should only be used by prescribed patient, do not give it to other people. The information provided is advisory only and does not contain all information pertaining to this medication. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider for question about this medication.

How should I take Aricept Evess/Donepezil ?

Aricept Evess should be used as directed by your doctor. Generally, one should take the Aricept regular tablets with a glass of water at bed time on a daily basis. If taking the orally disintegrating tablets, place it on your tongue and let it dissolve and then swallow. Do not swallow this pill whole. It can be taken with or without water.

When should Aricept Evess /Donepezil not be taken?

If you have any known allergies to ingredients of Aricept Evess do not use it. Also, make sure that your doctor is aware of your medical history and of the medications you are currently taking.

What precautions should I follow when taking Aricept Evess /Donepezil ?

Before using Aricept Evess, inform you doctor of any health problems that you have. Liver disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcers, asthma, and any heart conditions are especially important to inform your doctor about. As well, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to be, if applicable.

What special warning(s) should I be aware of when taking Aricept Evess /Donepezil ?

Aricept Evess cannot be used when consuming alcohol. Avoid drinking any alcohol when on treatment with Aricept Evess. In addition, only drive or use other machinery with the permission of your doctor.

When should Aricept Evess /Donepezil not be taken?

Some serious side effects include allergic reactions such as hives, trouble breathing, and swelling up. Other serious side effects include: damage to the liver, internal bleeding, seizures, irregular heartbeat, and stomach ulcers.

Some common side effects of Aricept Evess include: diarrhea, headaches, tiredness, dizziness, insomnia, and muscle cramps.

Other: None.

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