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Our commitment to customer safety

It's no secret there are hundreds of unregulated internet pharmacies out there who put their customers at risk through unethical and irresponsible practices.

DoctorSolve is different. Our patient safety record is spotless and we pride ourselves on making customer safety our number one priority.

  • We do not provide access to controlled, habit forming substances (narcotics).
  • We do not provide access to any drugs without a prescription from a physician.
  • Our staff will also contact the doctor's office to verify the contents of each prescription before it is filled.
  • The medical history of each patient is reviewed, and potential drug interactions are monitored by our medical staff.
  • A licensed pharmacist reviews every new prescription.

Also, because our business has always operated in full compliance of the law, you can be assured that DoctorSolve is here to stay.

DoctorSolve encourages open communication and access to our health professionals. If you have any questions about the use or safety of your medications, please call our toll-free Health Line at 1-866-732-0305.

At DoctorSolve, patient health and safety isn't just a priority, it is part of our company culture. Every member of our trained and professional staff is committed to ensuring that your health is protected, and you have a trusted source for pure and safe medication. You have our word on it!

safety guarantee

How we protect your medications

  • All medications are properly labeled, and have clear instructions for use
  • Each pharmacy employed for distribution is personally toured, and its supply and fulfillment procedures reviewed by our Director of Pharmaceutical Safety and Product Development, and one of the following:
    • Physician (Member of the Canadian Medical Association)
    • Pharmacist (Member of the British Columbia College of Pharmacists)
    • Chartered Accountant (auditor) (Member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants)
  • Medications from our pharmacies are randomly tested each month at an independent testing facility utilizing near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy - click here to learn more about NIR. There has never been a case of counterfeit medication provided by DoctorSolve.
  • Our pharmacies work co-operatively with DoctorSolve to submit medications for testing at our request demonstrating a high level of mutual trust.

How we protect your health

  • The medical history of each patient is reviewed, and potential drug interactions are monitored by our medical staff
  • Free consultation occurs with every new patient
  • Our Canadain pharmacy staff reviews every new prescription
  • A pharmacist reviews every prescription order
  • A full-time physician is on staff to answer patient questions

Patient prescription counseling

Patient Counselling The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia requires the pharmacy provide counseling for all prescriptions dispensed. All patients will receive written information pertaining to their medication whenever a new prescription has been filled. As well, you will be contacted for patient counseling and given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The pharmacist will contact you from Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm (PST).

How we protect your medications

A proven track record

Medication dispensed from our pharmacies are randomly tested frequently each month at an independent testing facility. DoctorSolve Healthcare Solutions has been operating for over ten years and there has never been a case of counterfeit medication.

Medications submitted by our pharmacies at DoctorSolves request are randomly tested each month at Analytical Research Laboratories ( in Oklahoma CIty, an independent FDA approved testing facility.

Professional standards

We are proud members of:

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Verified Member
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Members adhere to some of the highest safety standards in the world - a point made by the Government Accountability Office.

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