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Happy = Healthy

Mom always said “Don’t smoke,” “Eat healthy,” “Exercise,” and many other demands that we rolled our eyes at. Not only was she right about all those, but also when you were grumpy and she told you to cheer up, she was right as well. Smoking, bad eating habits, a lack of exercise, and unhappiness, are all attributed to causing heart attacks.
New research conducted at the Columbia university shows that happy people are less likely to have heart problems. Out of 1700 people studied, 145 with heart problems had an overall lower score in the scale of happiness. Even if you are a completely, undeniably pessimistic person, just pretending to be happy can have a positive effect on your heart.
The happiness scale used in the study was a 5 point scale. Research proved that for every point you go up on the scale, you are 22 per cent less likely to experience heart problems. It is still unknown whether happiness may be altered through genetics. There may be a gene passed on which can happiness (and heart disease).
Stress is a major cause of heart problems. Stress releases hormones which can damage the heart, so avoid any stress. Depression obviously takes away happiness so this is not the best emotion when looking to have a healthy heart. Try your best to be optimistic! Think positive! Try to catch yourself when you think negative thoughts. Instead of thinking “I only got a B on that paper; I’m stupid.” Think, “I got a B, what else could I do to improve my mark?” Soon you will not even remember those negative thoughts that used to pop into your head all the time. The key is to always keep an optimistic view (easier said than done, I know) and you will be healthier (and happier)!
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