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The Good-for-you, the Bad,
and the Ugly

First, is exercise motivation a problem for you? Try these now-seen-as-healthy rewards. Thanks, science!

Then, you'll never believe what some manufacturers and producers put in their food.

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Exercise Rewards Worth Sweating For
14 Nauseating "Ingredients" You May Have Eaten Last Week

Exercise Rewards Worth Sweating For

Whether you sweated it out in Zumba or Warrior One’d your way through yoga, you should feel proud that you’re taking steps to build a healthier mind and body through exercise.

In fact, why not reward yourself with a tasty treat?

I'm not talking about rewarding yourself with a nourishing (but ho-hum) salad or energy bar. Sure those things are good for us, but sometimes we just deserve a downright yummy treat.

Here's the good news. There are a few rewards that satisfy both our taste buds and our body’s need for nutrients.

Enter flavanol. It sounds like a comic book superhero—and, in terms of what it does for our bodies, it practically is.

Flavanols are a type of plant pigment packed with antioxidants. These essential nutrients are believed to prevent cell damage that creates health havoc.


Flavanol. Great. What Does It Do?


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14 Nauseating "Ingredients" You May Have Eaten Last Week

Forget the reality shows where a contestant tosses back a glass of bull urine. Most of us are living a real-life Ick Factor every time we indulge in some of our favorite foods.

Check out these 14 nauseating food "ingredients" (if you can call them that):


1. Beetle Shells

Starbucks recently took a PR hit after it was revealed the company was using crushed-up beetle shells to make the red dye used in some products. Although Starbucks dropped the ingredient, it’s still found in red dyes used for cakes, cherries, jams and tomato products.


2. Castoreum


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