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Coming to Your Senses

Life fights dirty, it's time to admit defeat in order to fight back and take full control.

The truth is revealed, men and women really are different!

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How to Take Control of Your Life
Men vs. Women: Smell, Hearing, Sight

How to Take Control of Your Life

"You have to take the actions and steps you need to get to your goals."

"Take responsibility and ownership for doing the things that made the great things happen."

Sounds like something from a motivational speaker or a pep rally leader, right?

In fact, Lara Goldman is neither of these.

The quotes above come from a woman who "had it all." But then lost it all.

She had a great marriage and relationship. She had a job she loved, that gave her the financial stability to do what she wanted, when she wanted.

All that changed with a plane crash...

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Men vs. Women: Smell, Hearing, Sight

For a lot of things, men and women often don't see eye-to-eye.

And after scientists put male and female senses to the test, it turns out they don't smell nose-to-nose, or hear ear-to-ear either. Real differences exist that can put the sexes on two very different playing fields.

Is one sex better than the other? At least, in terms of smell, hearing, and sight?

Thorough scientific testing has put the sexes' senses to the test. And after the data has been tabulated and the numbers crunched, here are the results


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