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DoctorSolve is proud to announce that we have partnered with RatePoint. RatePoint is a 3rd party platform that allows customers to review businesses. Feel free to view our profile and write a review.

In addition, take some time to visit A coalition dedicated to fighting the high cost of U.S. pharmaceuticals and protecting consumer rights.

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Ratepoint Now Available On DoctorSolve

At DoctorSolve we understand that some people may be skeptical about buying medication online because of how crucial it is to their wellbeing. There must be a bond of trust between the patient and provider. To help put our patients at ease, DoctorSolve has now partnered with Ratepoint to provide customer reviews.

Ratepoint connects DoctorSolve with its patients through business reviews, customer communication, and social media. Patients can access the review services by visiting our review profile. Creating a review is fast and easy so DoctorSolve encourages its patients to write a review if you have any concerns or praises. Ratepoint's review service will allow DoctorSolve patients to evaluate customer care and quality of service. Providing customers with real reviews by real patients will help to remove any doubt that patients may have about getting their prescription medication through a Canadian online pharmacy.

DoctorSolve has been providing safe and affordable prescription drugs for 11 years and in doing so has built a loyal patient base. With DoctorSolve there are no secrets, we are fully licensed and one of the top Canadian online pharmacies. Providing reviews will give browsing customers the confidence to become part of the DoctorSolve family as well.

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Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

A clean house is a house anyone wants to be in. Having a clean house will make you proud to invite people over. People who have cluttered houses tend to avoid being at home. Spring Cleaning has just become a yearly thing, but what if it was beneficial to your health as well? A messy house can cause headaches, fatigue, and allergies. Here are just a few things spring cleaning can do for you!

Clean Air

Overtime, air conditioners and furnace filters have been trapping dust and other particles. Cleaning out any air filters in your house will stop that dusty air from recirculating. This can decrease the exposure of pollen and other airborne allergens in your home which provides allergy relief. Cleaning bathrooms and other moist areas in the house will get rid of mildew and mold buildup to help clean the air. Cleaning every inch of the house can get rid of the accumulation of dirt. These particles can aggravate asthma symptoms. Cleaning up the dust and dirt particles around your house will leave you breathing easily and wishing you had done it a long time ago.

Reduce Stress

Clutter can become a huge distraction in our busy lives. The more we put cleaning off, the more stress builds up. Having a clean house will keep you organized so you aren't always worried about losing things around your house. Keeping organized will have you paying bills on time since you aren't losing them. Getting rid of old treasures that are useless now will give you more room around your home. Having more room around your home will clear a path for personal growth and can help you gain energy. When your home is cluttered and you have company over, you may stress about what they are thinking and may be ashamed of your own home. Cleaning up around your home will not only make you feel good but will also relieve internal anger caused by clutter.

Weight Loss

Cleaning is a great way to lose a few extra calories. Having a cluttered kitchen may force one to eat out more. Sweeping the floors and cleaning out the cupboards are just a couple things you can do to lose calories. Cleaning those never cleaned spots will make you stretch out body. Don't just stick to cleaning inside the house, clean outside as well! Doing outdoor chores such as cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn, can burn twice as many calories as indoor cleaning. While you're cleaning, try listening to upbeat music to make the process more enjoyable. So before trying prescription weight loss pills, try a natural way of burning calories!

When Allergies Attack

It's a beautiful day, the birds are chirping, the children are running around the playground. You have only started to relax when your eyes start to itch and water and, a runny nose starts to appear. You realize that your day has been ruined by those sneaky seasonal allergies that decide to poke their head around, from time to time. Don't be alarmed! You are not the only person who is affected by seasonal allergies. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and 54.6% of these people have been tested positive for two or more allergens.

Seasonal allergies are caused by allergens that cause the body to overreact, however these types of allergies are present at only certain parts of the year; spring, fall, or even summer. Pollen is the most frequent cause of seasonal allergies; such as those from trees, weeds, and grasses.

Each season brings along different allergies. Spring allergies are a result of tree pollen. These type of allergies occur between January to April however, this is dependent on the climate and location. A few trees that are known to cause severe allergies in people include: oak, olive, elm, birch, and ash. Summer allergies are usually caused by grass pollen while fall allergies are caused by weed pollen.

Seasonal allergies also bring along some unwanted symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and, itchy nose. It is best to treat your allergies right away rather than letting them drag out. It is also important to keep in mind that not all symptoms are experienced by everyone because some symptoms could be more apparent than others. The best way to beat seasonal allergies is to avoid them; for example, avoid mowing the lawn or contact to fresh cut grass. If you are unsure of which pollens are causing your seasonal allergies, it is best to consult an allergist as they can help identify allergens and prescribe a personalized treatment.

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