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Understand the link between the reduction in fruit intake and the increasing rates of asthma.

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High Fiber Diet and Asthma

High Fiber Diet and Asthma

Over the past 50 years, vegetables and fruits have slowly declined in popularity among individuals living in Western societies. And during this time, the rates of allergic asthma have also taken a drastic spike for the worst. But now, recent studies are showing that these actions are actually linked, and in the following sections, we’ll show you how.

Extensive Findings

Using laboratory mice, researchers were able to discover that when gut bacteria begin to digest dietary fiber (which is commonly found in many vegetables and fruits), fatty acids are released into the bloodstream.

For anyone who doesn’t know, fatty acids are designed to affect overall immune system in the lungs. These findings build on the evidence that has been around for quite some time: having a rich amount of microbes in your gut that digest fiber can dramatically help prevent cancer in your intestines.

What Professor Marsland Says

He explains that the influence of bacteria in the gut is much greater than previously expected. More specifically, these effects are taking place in the lungs. For the study, he and his team of researchers conducted experiments on three separate groups of lab mice. He placed each one on a low fiber diet, one on a standard diet, and one on a high fiber diet.

In order to provoke allergic responses, the researchers then went ahead and exposed the lab rats to dust mites. They quickly discovered that the low fiber diet group had a much allergic reaction (they accumulated more mucus in their lungs). The mice with the standard and high fiber diets fare significantly better.

What Does This Conclude?

For this particular experiment, this concludes that a high fiber diet can play a role in one’s ability to maintain strong and healthy lungs. Upon further investigation, the team also figured out that when fiber reaches the intestine, it is immediately fermented by bacteria in the gut. This is later transformed into fatty acids, which can help improve immune cell function, particularly in the lung area.

Professor Marsland went on to add that these findings are extremely relevant because immune systems in mice work almost identically to that of a human. He also added that the mice with the low fiber diet had experienced the worst allergic responses of all three test groups. This findings are important and do show that high fiber diets can lessen asthma symptoms in patients who have it.

Conclusion - High Fiber Diets Improve Lung Function

Although there are an abundance of questions to be answered, it is safe to say that your diet does play a significant role in your ability to maintain healthy lungs. And this research already adds onto the pile of evidence that suggests that eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can help increase one’s health overall.

However, it is important to note that there is no evidence that suggests that children who are exposed to dogs in their early infancy aren’t going to be affected. More studies are sure to be conducted as researchers dive deeper to learn more about the mystery of high fiber diets and how they react with our immune systems.