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Medical Marvels and the Future

Medical technology can do some amazing things to enrich our lives. This month, we look at what has been done, and what the future might hold for America.

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5 Modern Medical Innovations
Will America No Longer Be a Medical Technology Leader?

5 Modern Medical Innovations

Medical Innovation

Medical innovations help us live longer and healthier lives. Some treat injuries while others help us beat devastating diseases. Without such innovations, our lives would inevitably be cut short.

In the past few years, medical science has taken leaps and bounds forward.

Here’s how.


1. Solving a Problem Before It Starts

The mosquito is associated with diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever. Millions die every year from these conditions.

Instead of trying to control the diseases themselves, scientists are now exploring more indirect methods; specifically, they are preventing people from becoming infected in the first place.

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Will America No Longer Be a Medical Technology Leader?

Business and doctors. It’s somebody’s job in America to think up new and interesting ways to treat medical conditions. It’s someone else’s job to build the solutions. And it’s a completely different job to use these solutions to make people’s lives better.

All of these people are likely to feel the coming strain. And so might you.

The next few years may see a dramatic change to the business of medical inventions and innovation. Sure, the Affordable Care Act promises better healthcare for all Americans, but the money for that care has to come from somewhere.

Here’s where they found it.


A New Tax

The new tax on health care devices has some worried that amazing new medical inventions will be stifled. The tax, which is part of the Affordable Care Act initiative, poses a 2.3% tax on medical devices. It’s said to raise $20 billion in the next decade to fund the major reforms in health care.

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