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3 Top Reasons Patients Don’t Get Help When Sick

Image article 1The Affordable Care Act is putting in all the efforts possible to make sure that people who otherwise would not be able to pay for health insurance get it at more affordable rates. However, many of the popular plans involve high co-pays and deductibles, which means that many consider medical care to still be quite expensive. Here are the top three reasons why US patients are not getting the help they need when they get sick:

Costly Health Insurance Plans

Many people put off their health care and medical procedures because they feel that the associated costs are too high. When it comes to health insurance plans, many of them have high deductibles, which means that people still have to pay a significant amount out of their pockets. An example is that of Renee Mitchell, who put off her eye surgery for a long time because she was already in debt and didn’t want to add to her expenses further. Despite being on the silver level Obamacare plan, she would still have to pay a significant amount of money, thereby leading to more debt.

Unaffordable Out Of Pocket Costs

Despite insurance plans, the out of pocket costs that many incur as a result of medical care are extremely high, and many people can’t afford to pay those. For this reason, many of the families, who despite being fully covered, go without medical care because they are unable to afford it. People in such situations also have the tendency to skip follow ups with their doctors and will not fill prescriptions. This only adds further to long term costs and complications.

High Cost Of Medications

The medications cost a lot and many people think that it’s best not to take them at all as opposed to pay high amounts of money for them.

There are certain states however, such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania that have removed deductibles on some of the insurance plans while other states charge minute co-pay. Yet, even these seem a lot for many of the people.

These are legitimate concerns that people are facing, and if nothing will be done about it soon, then the future problems in medical care will be even greater.

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Indigestion When Eating Out

Image article 2Our lives are normally very hectic and busy, and due to this reason, we sometimes forgo proper eating methods and simply consume food in a haphazard manner. However, this isn’t right and it could actually lead to problems with the digestive system. When this happens, you need to switch to healthier eating alternatives and habits so that you remain healthy even if you eat on the go. Here are five ways in which you can achieve this:

#1: Consume Foods That Are Digestion Friendly

When you’re eating on the go, you need to remember to consume as much fiber and as little fat as possible. Fiber helps in promoting digestion and is found in different fruits and vegetables along with lentils, peas, and beans. Fat, on the other hand, will take a considerable amount of time to digest, thereby leading to indigestion, gas, and constipation. Carbonated or caffeinated drinks along with spicy foods should also be avoided.

#2: Don’t Eat In A Rush

We are often distracted by a lot of things on our mind and try eating in a rush. However, this can lead to a negative impact on your body. You can avoid eating in a rush by making sure you always have a good 20 minutes to consume your food. When you start eating properly, you will not suffer from indigestion and your body will be able to tell you when you’re full so that you don’t overindulge.

#3: Chew More

Your mouth is the first place where digestion takes place, and therefore you need to take your time and chew your food properly. When you do this, you will not gulp air, which leads to bloating, gas, constipation, and indigestion.

#4: Have A Break After Your Meal

Even if you’re extremely busy, you need to take some relaxation time after you have consumed your food. This could involve taking deep breaths or having a casual chat with someone before you finally resume work.

#5: Keep Over-The-Counter Products Handy

Many times, we often forget to eat slowly or take time to chew our food properly and as a result suffer from bloating, gas, or indigestion. When this happens, it helps to have certain over-the-counter products handy which can help ease your bloating. This way, you would not have to go out of your way to purchase the product in your busy schedule just to relieve the uncomfortable feeling. Indigestion isn’t a good feeling, and luckily, if proper care is taken, then you would not have to deal with such a feeling.

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