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Learn how a postmenopausal woman can improve her cholesterol levels by her intake of Vitamin D and Calcium.

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Calcium and Vitamin D Lowers Cholesterol in Postmenopausal Women

Calcium and Vitamin D Lowers Cholesterol in Postmenopausal Women

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are believed to lower cholesterol in women after menopause. The study, which was taken from the Women’s Health Initiative, was later published in the North American Menopause Society’s peer-reviewed journal.

The Debate

Whether or not Vitamin D and calcium are able to improve cholesterol levels is a topic that has been debated for a long time. However, recent studies are show that they do. In fact, these studies show remarkable results with lowering cholesterol. The study, led by Peter F. Schnatz (a NAMS Board of Trustees member), decided to settle this debate by putting together a research group that would put both theories to the test.

How Was the Study Conducted?

During the study, women were required to take a supplement that contained 1,000 milligrams of Calcium/Vitamin D and 400 milligrams of a placebo. The analysis was designed to study the relationship between taking these supplements of Vitamin D and their effects on cholesterol levels. The experiment was conducted on more than 600 women, and all of their cholesterol levels were measured throughout the process.

What Were The Results?

The results were as expected: women who took the supplement more than twice per day were more likely to have Vitamin D levels that were at least 30 NG/ML (which is about normal). The women who took the placebo fared worse. In fact, the women who took the supplements had LDL levels that were about 5 points lower than when the experiment had previously started. This study opened up many people’s eyes on the matter.

The researchers also discovered that, in addition to those people using the supplements, the women using Vitamin D supplements also had higher levels of HDL (“good” cholesterol). They also had lower levels of triglycerides. Taking the Vitamin D and Calcium supplements were especially helpful in older women, as well as women who had a low intake of these vitamins. It was also discovered that lifestyle didn’t make a drastic difference in the evidence that was found.

Potential for Decreased Rates of Cardiovascular Disease in Women

These positive results provided enough evidence to suggest that the rates of cardiovascular disease in women after menopause could dramatically increase once the supplements were taken. This research should serve as a healthy reminder that taking Calcium and Vitamin D can be exceptionally healthy to older women.

In short, supplementing with Calcium and Vitamin D is a safe and proven way to improve health, and leads to a wide range of additional benefits as well. Keep in mind that this was a randomized trial. The study was published in August 2013. Hopefully discoveries like this will save more lives and decrease cardiovascular-related diseases in postmenopausal women in time.