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It's the Most Stressful Time of the Year!

Do not deal with stress, prevent it.

The holidays seem to always bring cheer and a little extra anxiety to people's lives. Improve your life by removing this from your festivities!

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Exercises to Ease the Stress
With Holiday Joy Comes Holiday Stress

Exercises to Ease Your Stress

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's particularly true when it comes to stress, according to experts. Instead of trying to deal with the after-effects of stress, it's far more effective to prevent it in the first place.

If that seems easier said than done - especially during the peak of the holiday season - consider how just one or two small changes in your daily routine could make a significant improvement in your stress level. Just one positive change, even at a "baby step" level, can have a cascade effect that results in a happier holiday season. In that case, could there be one specific type of change in routine that practically guarantees a reduction in stress? New evidence points to exercise as the panacea for stress and anxiety.


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With Holiday Joy Comes Holiday Stress

Where can you turn when holiday stress has evidenced itself in physical symptoms, such as a lingering cough? If you're uninsured, on a budget, or simply short on time during the holiday season, a visit to your primary care physician might be the last thing on your mind. Of course, there's always the threat of catching something new in a crowded waiting room.

As it happens, there may be an alternative to long waits in crowded rooms. Within the past two to three years, more and more people have discovered an online solution to non-urgent healthcare needs. By using web-based medical clinics as a way to consult a professional about common conditions such as rashes, coughs, or earaches, consumers can be diagnosed from home at a fraction of the cost of a doctor's visit. Web clinics can treat a limited range of illnesses without the need for an in-person consultation with a physician.


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