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Season's Greetings,

In this issue we provide some tips that will help to keep you healthy, happy, and comfortable over the holiday season

Thank you for reading our Healthletter and supporting DoctorSolve. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the upcoming year.

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Avoid Temptations and Steer Clear of Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays typically bring lots of joy, lots of presents, and in many cases, lots of calories. As delicious as the holiday feasts and desserts are, they tend to be unkind to our waistbands. Below are some tips and strategies you could consider to avoid holiday weight gain.

Step 1: Separate food exposure from hunger cues. Before eating food, ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” If your answer is no, ask yourself, “What is prompting me to want to eat?” Avoid indulging in food if you aren’t actually hungry.

Step 2: Stay well fed throughout the day.

Step 3: Practice managing your reaction to food. Try the 4 D’s!
  • Delay: Wait 10-15 seconds before choosing whether to eat the food.
  • Distract: Focus on something else, something that requires concentration
  • Decide: Consider the type of food you’re eating, the quality of it, and whether it will be enjoyed later if you don’t finish it.
  • Determine: Determine how much you want to eat at the moment.
Step 4: Eat mindfully, but enjoy every bite you take. Follow these tips and strategies throughout the holidays and you are one step closer to mastering eating right during the holiday season. Remember, enjoy the holidays, but eat mindfully.
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Tips to Defeat Christmas Stress

Christmas can be a very stressful time for women and men of all ages. Though it is supposed to be a time full of joy, cheer, parties and family gatherings, many factors make the holidays overly stressful. To make Christmas enjoyable, as it should be, here are 4 ways to overcome Christmas stress.

• Establish what is causing you stress Find the element that is leaving you in a stressed state and deal with it. Examples: Money worries, gift shopping, cooking for families and, driving in the snow

• Ask for help to reduce holiday anxiety Ask your family or friends to assist you to reduce the overwhelming stress that could come out of Christmas festivities. Christmas anxiety will be easier to deal with when you know you’re not alone.

• Accept imperfections Accept that families may fight, gifts may disappointment, and the turkey may turn out dry. When you accept imperfections, holiday anxiety will lessen as you’ll have realistic expectations and goals.

• Reward yourself over the holiday season

Treat yourself to a well deserved spa day, or even buy yourself something. Follow these guidelines and enjoy a stress free holiday.

Top 10 Tips for Fun Holiday Shopping

Shopping for the perfect gift for a person you care deeply about shouldn’t leave you in a restless state or stress you out. Sure the malls are crowded and there are long gift lists , but giving is what the holidays are all about. Shopping should be a fun activity, that should not ‘break the bank’, but it’s all depends on how you manage your holiday shopping trips. Below are some helpful tips to manage holiday shopping trips, and leave you in a calm manner, instead of a restless state.

• Set an amount you are willing to spend shopping for each person.

• Make a list of who are you buying for, what you are buying them, and how much it will cost.

• Avoid shopping closer to the date. Leave enough time before the holiday to reduce the amount of stress during your shopping.

• Shop alone; this way you are focused more on the task at hand and you are less likely to get distracted.

• Don’t press for time. Give yourself enough time to shop for what you need without having to rush.

• Carry as little as possible.

• Think before you buy an item. “Is it the best item?”

• Keep the receipts, so it can be returned if you decide later you have changed your mind.

• Enjoy your time out. Do not consider shopping a chore.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy holiday shopping as you should.