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What You Need to Know Now

The impact of antibiotic resistance is killing more people than terrorism.

The tricks of the business trade are causing people to eat the unhealthy ingredients which are meant to be avoided.

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Antibiotic Resistance
Salt, Sugar, Fat, and the Food Industry: Ruining our Health

Antibiotic Resistance

What if it wasn't cancer, leukemia or heart disease that had the biggest potential to destroy your health? What if it was something as diminutive, as seemingly inconspicuous, as antibiotic resistance that posed the greatest threat?

This is the claim of Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England. She believes that the advent of antibiotic resistance is something of an 'apocalypse', that is currently killing more people than terrorism.

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Salt, Sugar, Fat, and the Food Industry: Ruining our Health

The fact that excess consumption of salt, sugar, and fat can be damaging to our health is hardly a newsflash. We all know that a diet crammed with junk food high in salt and sugar is bad for us. We also all know that too much trans-fat can contribute to heart disease.

But who knew that the food industry (who is also well aware of the burgeoning case against the consumption of salt, sugar, and fat), was deliberately adding these ingredients to foods in order to 'hook us' into eating them? And in fact, that the food industry views individuals eating these foods less as consumers and more as 'heavy users'?

This is what Michael Moss, a New York Time's journalist who spent over three and a half years researching his new book 'Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us', claims to be the unfortunate truth.

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