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Now that Spring is here, be sure to be proactive to prevent allergy suffering. You can read our allergy prevention tips in our previous issue here.

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Preparation H Cream - Just As Good For Your Skin?

Beauty is something we all seek, especially women. By the time we reach our middle ages, our looks begin to fade and we get scared. This fear causes people to do some crazy things to get the beauty of young age back. So in come the beauty secrets. These secrets are not publicly known but rather whispered about. Lately the new beauty secret is Preparation H cream. Yes the same stuff one would use to treat hemorrhoids. Preparation H is used by some to treat puffy eyes and wrinkles, and they swear it works.

This may sound like another crazy beauty fad but the science is there to back it up. The reasoning revolves around the key ingredient called Bio-dyne, also known as live yeast cell derivative – LYCD. Bio-dyne speeds up skin regeneration . In Preparation H, bio-dyne has been isolated into several peptides which speeds up wound healing like atopic dermatitis and eczema, increases skin thickness, and, reduces wrinkle volume.

Some say Preparation H is just another beauty sensation. Yet the fact remains that this tip only has one trick. The cream absorbs the fluid in your puppy eyes but it won’t remove the fat under your eyes. It doesn’t necessarily work on everyone so it is definitely not a miracle worker. There are some people who saw no difference with the cream while others have yet to get over the success they have found with its use. Be conscious if you choose to put the cream to the test as there is no guarantee for success. It really depends on exactly what’s causing the puffy eyes.

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Rising Prescription Drugs On the Horizon

According to the investment bank Barclays Capital, there will be a rise of 6-9% on brand name drugs. Barclays Capital analyzed the prices of 130 top selling drugs. According to the study, Benicar, a blood pressure pill, had the biggest jump in price by 29.3%. In addition, Lipitor rose by 12.4% and Plavix rose by 13.2%.

This increase in prices reflects the industry's efforts to work against the efforts of government and commercial health plans to control costs on medications as well as to make up revenue on brand drugs that will soon be losing their patent protection.

Typically, health plans negotiate rebates to lower their cost. Rebates for private health plans average 14.3% on a brand drug. Over the past year, drug prices have negatively impacted revenue when rebates and discounts are considered. Drug companies are preparing for a fall in revenue as firms lose their exclusive rights to produce specific drugs due to patents expiring.

Between 2002 and 2009, drug prices have gone up an average of $58.96 per prescription while rebates for private health plans went up by $12.57. In 2008, about $7,681 was spent by US health care per resident. In the US, prescription drugs have about $300 billion in yearly sales and prices are still rising! Brand name drug prices are becoming more expensive than any other medical goods or services.

Top selling drug firms are preparing to compete against generic drugs when their patent ends. When the patent ends, it is eligible to become a generic so a company can sell discount prescription drugs. A generic drug contains the exact same ingredients, has the same dosage, and has the same side effects; the only differences are that the generic version will look different and is much cheaper! For example, you could choose to buy Tylenol, when it's generic, acetaminophen, is actually more affordable.

Another way Americans are saving money is by buying drugs online from Canada. Drugs from Canada are 35-55% cheaper than in the US. Buying drugs such as Lipitor online from an online pharmacy is much more affordable than buying prescription drugs from a local US pharmacy.

Battle Against Microscopic Dust Mites

About 10% of the world’s human population is locked in a forever long battle with tiny critters about 0.3 millimetres in length. To some, the word dust mite is a horror story. The effects that result from this eternal struggle are coughing, respiratory problems, wheezing, runny nose , sneezing, decongestion in the sinuses, hives, inflammation of the skin, itching of the nose, eyes, throat, or skin, redness in the eyes, and tearing eyes.

The battle fields can essentially be anywhere. They can even be right under your nose, literally. Dust mites most commonly reside in carpets, fabrics, around the house and even on your body. Optimal environments for dust mites are areas in a calm environment, like ones house, that is humid and has dust mite food. Examples of this are human dead skin cells and dried semen. The fight against the allergic effects of the dust mite might seem daunting and hopeless for the people who are allergic to them. The truth is there are ways to combat dust mites. Minimizing the existence of dust mites in the bedroom is the best path to relief.

The most effective ways of defeating dust mites are: using dust proof covers, having wood floors, washing cloths and blankets in warm water, vacuuming often, keeping the closet door shut, keeping a humidity of 40-50% and avoiding heavy curtains and blinds. The most important thing to do is clean your house often. In many cases, depending on the severity of the allergy, medication is necessary. The medication that will provide the best relief and end the nightmares of the symptoms of dust mites are Accolate, Zyrtec, Allegra, Atarax, Benadryl, Claritin, nasal sprays and any sinus decongestants. With the proper prescribed medication and the aforementioned steps to reduce dust mite count, one is on the path to allergy relief against dust mites.

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